Key Objectives


Recommend policies that the State should pursue to strengthen career and technical education, career and school-to-work initiatives.


Evaluate career and technical education programs, services, activities and school-to-work initiatives throughout the State.


Provide technical assistance to local school districts, agencies and other organizations to enhance and improve the career and technical education delivery system.


Advise policymakers on the development of the State Plan for Career and Technical Education and any amendments to the State Plan.


Analyze and report on the distribution of all funds for career and technical education and on the availability of career and technical education activities and services within the State.


Promote coordination, collaboration and effective partnerships among business, industry, labor, education and employment and training programs to help meet the economic needs of the State.


Monitor other workforce development initiatives and recommend ways to integrate successful components in the career and technical education delivery system.


Disseminate relevant career information to teachers, counselors, students and the general public.